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IBM and Twitter partner on data analytics

Today's general session from Insight 2014 was interesting for a number of reasons (including an inspiring talk by Kevin Spacey), but I want to draw attention to an announcement made right in the middle of it: IBM's partnership with Twitter to integrate all tweets (sinceTwitter's inception) and full ongoing live stream into IBM's cloud-based analytics, customer engagement platforms and consulting services.

From the Wall Street Journal article on the partnership:

IBM will have access to the full public stream of tweets as they are posted, as well as all tweets generated since Twitter was founded in 2006, the companies said. The data will be shared with IBM’s roughly 10,000 consultants to help solve client problems.

Big Blue and Twitter plan to work together to develop new applications and services based on the information. The companies said they would allow third-party developers to integrate Twitter data into new cloud services they build using IBM’s tools.

The two companies also plan to jointly develop offerings for specific industries such as banking, consumer products, retail, travel and transportation.

Twitter data will be accessible from the recently announced Watson Analytics, and data analysts will be able to integrate it into IBM DataWorks, a cloud-based data refinery service.  Developers will be able to bring Twitter data into the cloud-based applications and solutions they develop on the Bluemix platform, and of course, IBM consulting services will be there to help organizations figure out how to put all of this information to use.

Why might a company want to look at Twitter data?  It can help you be the first in your business to know of a new trend.  Or not just understand what's happening with retail sales, but why it's happening.  Or not only optimize your supply chain based on current demand, but plan inventory based on a more accurate view of future demand.  See the links below to learn more.

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