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IBM Addresses Security Challenges of Big Data, Mobile and Cloud Computing

Yesterday IBM announced ten new products and enhancements to help companies deliver real time security for big data, mobile and cloud computing.  The announcement, the biggest since the launch of the IBM Security Solutions division earlier in the year, includes the release of IBM InfoSphere Guardium 9.0 software. which now features support for Hadoop and other big data environments..

From the press release:

IBM’s new software capabilities help clients better maintain security control over mobile devices, mitigate internal and external threats, reduce security risks in cloud environments, extend database security to gain real-time insights into big data environments such as Hadoop, and automate compliance and data security management. Along with IBM Security Services and IBM’s world-class research capabilities, this set of scalable capabilities supports a holistic, proactive approach to security threats spanning people, data, applications and infrastructure. 

While I'm sure we'll be hearing more about Guardium and related security solutions at IOD next week, here are the highlights of what's in the new release:
With today’s announcement, IBM is among the first to offer data security solutions for Hadoop and other big data environments. Specifically, Guardium now provides real time monitoring and automated compliance reporting for Hadoop based systems such as InfoSphere BigInsights and Cloudera. With federated controls across data sources, clients can understand data and application access patterns help prevent data leakage and enforce data change controls. Built-in audit reporting can be used to generate compliance reports on a scheduled basis, distribute them to oversight teams for electronic sign-offs and escalation, and document the results of remediation activities. In addition, IBM offers data masking to de-identify sensitive data as it moves into and out of big data systems. 

Full Press Release:  IBM Addresses Security Challenges of Big Data, Mobile and Cloud Computing