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IBM acquires Guardium for data monitoring and protection

IBM today announced the acquisition of Guardium, and I just got off the press conference call where Arvind Krishna, General Manager of IBM’s Information Management business and Ram Metser, CEO of Guardium provided more details on the deal.

Guardium, based in Waltham, MA, provides real-time enterprise database monitoring and protection through technology that helps businesses safeguard data, monitor database activity and reduce operational costs by automating regulatory compliance tasks.  The acquisition of Guardium will help IBM's clients protect against threats from hackers or legitimate users, while also helping companies provide the transparency and accountability being demanded of them today, for example by helping them stay in compliance with government or industry regulations.

Arvind Krishna explained that the acquisition marks IBM's commitment to helping clients realize the benefits of using information as a strategic asset.  Maintaining the integrity of information is critical to this effort, and doing so requires real-time insight into database access and activity.

"Organizations are grappling with government mandates, industry standards and business demands to ensure that their critical data is protected against internal and external threats," said Arvind Krishna, general manager, IBM Information Management. "This acquisition is another significant step in our abilities to help clients govern and monitor their data, and ultimately make their information more secure throughout its lifecycle."

Guardium has been named a leader in its field, and as mentioned on the acquisition call, is installed in over 450 sites, including 5 of the top 5 banks, 3 of the top 5 insurance companies, 2 of the top 3 retailers, 15 of world's top telcos, several gov't agencies, and many others. (For additional - slightly older - stats, see here.)

This acquisition marks the 28th acquisition for IBM Information Management in pursuit of our information on demand and analytics strategy.  

I, of course, would like to welcome our new colleagues to the company.  If you haven't heard, we're a great place to work!



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