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How to run an effective Sametime meeting

Carl Tyler has posted some must-read tips and a very helpful (and brief - 4 minutes) video on how to run an effective Sametime meeting.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who runs a meeting - in Sametime or elsewhere, frankly.  

As Carl points out, some of his tips cover things that will be addressed in Sametime 7.5, like the addition of a Welcome page, and improvements in the sharing of uploaded files that should make it much less necessary to do desktop or application sharing to show a presentation.  (And I'll extend an open invitation to anyone who wants to see this for themselves - just drop me an e-mail or post a reply here and I'll be glad to run a demo with you).

One tip that I didn't see listed, but that Carl had himself brought on a call we were on recently (and this would also address Chris Miller's comments) is that if you're sharing the presentation in edit mode through a frame, go into PowerPoint and from the Tools/Options menu, click on the Spelling tab and uncheck the "Check Spelling as you Type" option.  This will get rid of all the squiggly lines under the proper names, acronyms, or any other terms that you haven't added to your personal dictionary, and the people on the other end of the Web conference won't know that you aren't running in screen-show mode.