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How to follow IOD 2008 from afar

Sadly, I will not be able attending the IOD 2008 conference in person after all.  I'm very disappointed, and apologize to all of you I was hoping to meet for the first time (or again) in person.

With that in mind, here are some resources that may be helpful if, like me, you need to follow the conference from afar:

IOD conference community landing page

The IOD conference community landing page is a one-stop shop to links for follow the conference for Twitter, Flickr, some key blogs, and links out to other community sites.


You can follow conference updates via an official @IOD2008 twitter ID.  

I would also not be surprised to see updates coming from folks like @acangiano, @wfavero, @katsnelson, @craigmullins, @db2, @freedb2, and @martinpacker,  And, of course, you can always head over to Twitter Search to search for IOD and subscribe to an RSS feed of IOD-related posts.


In addition to posting their own photos on Flickr here, the folks working on the conference have also set up a Flickr pool to which you can add your own photos when uploading them to Flickr.  (Regardless, be sure that you tag your photos, blog posts, videos, etc with the IOD2008 tag so everyone can find them).

Blogs and other media

As always, head over or subscribe to PlanetDB2 for the latest from the blogosphere, and you can visit Channeldb2 or the Informix Zone to find any other updates.  As above, if you're blogging about the conference, please use the IOD2008 tag to make it easy to find your posts in Technorati  or Google blog search.