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How SPSS is helping mobile carriers apply deeper customer insight

At the Mobile World Congress today, IBM shared how SPSS's business analytics capabilities are helping telco providers such as Digital +, UPC Broadband and Tesco Mobile gain deeper insight into customer behavior, which in turn is helping them improve customer retention, optimize call center interaction, and run more effective marketing campaigns.

In the extremely competitive world that the mobile carriers operate in, anything that can be done to improve marketing effectiveness, retain customers, and improve customer service can pay off in big dividends, and as highlighted in the press release (IBM Business Analytics Reduces Customer Churn and Drives Revenue for Communications Service Providers), these providers are already seeing the results (emphasis mine):

Digital + reduces customer churn
Digital +, part of Sogecable in Spain, is using IBM SPSS predictive analytics to optimize its call center by predicting individual customer behaviors and proactively directing call center agents to provide real-time recommendations while engaged with customers.
"'Digital + improved its customer satisfaction with customized offers, reduced churn by 20 percent and increased cross-sell campaigns by 5 to 10 percent over outbound campaigns,' said Omar Rois, customer analysis manager at Digital +."

UPC Broadband develops more focused marketing campaigns
UPC Broadband, headquartered in the Netherlands, wanted to reduce customer churn and increase earnings.  Its goal is to apply thorough insight into customer behavior by analyzing its customer data.

According to the press release, "UPC selected IBM SPSS predictive analytics for its ability to easily analyze customer behavior, socio-demographic data and product purchases, and leverage this insight to undertake more targeted marketing campaigns.

"'Using IBM SPSS predictive analytics, we can now build predictive models for each specific segmentation group and the response is up to four times higher compared to previous campaigns,' said Jim Jenkins, director of database marketing at UPC. 'In addition, thanks to the ability to identify customer churn early and proactively take targeted actions in this area, UPC is reducing its customer turnover substantially, saving considerable revenues per annum.'"

Tesco Mobile Targets Most Profitable Customers
"Tesco Mobile, one of the UK's fastest growing mobile networks with a reputation of outstanding customer satisfaction, sought to maintain its position and competitive edge in the telecommunications industry. The organization selected IBM SPSS predictive analytics to improve customer loyalty by better understanding motivation, opinions and preferences."

See here for more information on SPSS and on IBM's other solutions for the telecommunications industry.  The full press release can be found here.