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How something so wrong can be so right

It wouldn't surprise me if the haters outweigh the lovers of this video, but my guess is there won't be a whole lot of people who fall in the middle.

That's right, what you're seeing is a mashup of How I Met Your Mother and Frosty the (now Inappropriate) Snowman.  How Inappropriate?  For those of you familiar with the show, let's just say those are Barney "I'm giving you my porn collection" Stinson's lines coming out of Frosty's mouth.

So I'm watching this for the first time, laughing along, and coming away pretty impressed with the time it obviously took to choose the lines and synch them up with the right scenes.  But then I got to the end and discovered who was responsible for this awesomeness.  


I actually clicked through to be sure; this is a real promo they created.  I love it.

So today's marketing thought of the day is about boundaries, and what you can gain by pushing against them.  What boundaries have you been afraid to cross?  What would actually happen if you did?  

And of course, there are always some boundaries better left uncrossed.  I'd put this one in that category (to echo their comments... using a car crash to promote an airline?  Not really sure that makes sense any way you look at it.)

How I Met Your Mother - Frosty the Inappropriate Snowman 2009
Irreverence:  10
All kinds of awesomeness:  10



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