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How mobile messaging enters the workplace (and the need to support choice in devices).

The latest Network World Messaging Pipeline e-mail from Michael Osterman brings some interesting (but not really surprising) findings on the adoption of mobile messaging:

In a report that we will publish next week, we find that the primary way that mobile messaging has been adopted in the workplace is by individual users requesting these devices from their management, the IT department, etc. - nearly three out of four organizations report that this is the way that mobile messaging has been adopted in their organizations. Another two out of five organizations report that individual users have simply brought in their own mobile devices and begun using them for work-related applications. In only about one-third of organizations has mobile messaging been rolled out as part of a corporate initiative.

While I'm not surprised to see that so much demand at this stage is user-driven, what this does highlight is that when IT departments are looking to roll out enterprise capabilities (like, say, instant messaging) to their mobile users, they need to be sure they can accommodate the variety of device types that they will likely find.  

This is why the mobile capabilities that will ship as part of Sametime later this year will support many different types of devices and operating systems - RIM BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile v5 and even Windows Mobile 2003.