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How IBM clients are benefiting from information and analytics (video)

During the Day 1 General Session of the IOD conference, we showed a video featuring four IBM customers talking about the way information management and business analytics has changed the way they do business.  You can see the video below:

I've summarized a few of the results they talked about in the video (and there were many, many more that we just didn't have room to include.)  Hopefully we'll see a feature video on each of them in the near future.  (There is one on Alameda County already.)

Alameda County Social Services

  • Our analysis shows that on an annual basis, we can save $10-20 million in reduction of costs, improvement in revenue, and prevention of fraud.
  • We found 19 instances of people with multiple social security numbers. We found 22,000 instances when we were not providing the right service to a client.
  • We can now look proactively to reduce the costs of social service, reduce the cost to our taxpayers, and at the same time improve the outcome of those people who now can get the benefit of those additional funds.
  • We're often asked how well this solution is working for you, and we've always said that it has changed the entire way we do business.

  • Imagine being a sales rep [with] 25,000 prospects that you could call. Which one do you call first? What we decided to do was to identify prospects, the next likely purchaser, by introducing predictive analytics. It sometimes takes as many as 100-200 calls to get an appointment. What we do with the predictive analytics is we brought that down all the way to under ten calls so the net net is a more efficient, more effective sales force.
  • We plan on putting predictive analytics on everything that we're doing, not just sales, not just client retention, but to help us foresee the future in all of our business decisions.

JM Family
  • In our call center, we're saving 41 associates as far as time, which equates to $2.1 million annually. For just one process, we're saving $168,000 pages of paper annually.
  • Prior to the implementation of our ECM solution, customers were left at dealerships for, at times, hours waiting for their claim to be processed, and now that's in minutes.
  • Advanced case management brings all of the information together into one place so that our financial transactions are processed more efficiently, effectively, and with quality.

Reliance Life
  • When we were choosing the entire IBM infrastructure information management products, it has reduced our operational costs by almost 30,000. It has reduced our backup time almost by half. And the overall better data cycle has been reduced from 36 to 40 hours to almost less than half.
  • In choosing the solution, the key deciding factor was the fact that it was a pre-balanced, pre-configured system. It gave us the ability to hit the ground running.