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Hello world

Hi - welcome to my little corner of the internet.  After years lurking avidly reading blogs and seeing the amazing blogging community that's been built up around Lotus, I'm finally jumping in.  Hopefully it's better late than never.

I thought it might make sense to begin by talking a little bit about what you'll find here. Since I am the Offering Manager for IBM Lotus Sametime, you will find plenty of postings (and hopefully conversations - it's all about collaboration, right?) about Sametime.  If you've got questions on Sametime, this is the place to ask them!  But Sametime is not going to be the sole topic of this blog, and I'm hoping that you'll find the other postings about marketing, technology, collaboration, and other hot button items of mine, like out-of-control PowerPoint presentations and staying organized (or trying to), interesting, too.

I don't want to end this post without saying a special thank you to John Head and the good folks at PSC for their hosting services, Steve Castledine for the great DominoBlog engine running this blog, and to Alan Lepofsky for the final push to get me started.