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Hello PlanetDB2!

I'd like to say a big hello to everyone reading this from PlanetDB2!

For those of you to whom I may be a new face, please allow me to introduce myself for a minute.

I recently joined the IBM Data Management group as the team lead for Social Marketing initiatives.  In plain language, this means that I, and the people I work with, are looking at how we can help foster a community for businesses and practitioners that use and rely on our Data Management solutions - like DB2 and Informix - to run their businesses.  
(And chances are, if you found me through PlanetDB2, you're already an active member of that community).  

Prior to joining this team, I was the Offering Manager for Lotus Sametime (which is why if you start browsing backwards you'll find plenty of posts on Unified Communications and Sametime).  You can read more about me here, but this really isn't about me... it's about you.

I know there's a lot of information and resources out there already, whether the very active forums over on DeveloperWorks, or the whole host of information over on ChannelDB2.  (And did you know you could follow us on Facebook, too?)  We'll be looking at how we can extend these efforts, as well as introduce some new initiatives into the community, all intended to allow you to better connect with those of us in IBM, as well as with each other.  

And believe me, we've got some very exciting things coming... but I'm getting ahead of myself.  For now, let me know what can we do to help you.  What's working?  What's not working?  How can we help make this community stronger?

Feel free to leave a comment here, or reach out to me directly at gartenbe @  You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.... you get the idea.