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"Head and shoulders above anything that Oracle had to offer"

Chris Eaton has also been blogging about the DB2 customer videos recently added to Channel DB2, and received this comment in response.  I hope no one minds me excerpting it outright, as this unsolicited testimonial speaks both to the ease of use of moving from being an Oracle DBA to a DB2 DBA, and of the benefits he sees when it comes to working with large amounts of data.

I was an UNIX sysadmin and Oracle DBA before taking on the role of a DB2 DBA. The company I was working for at the time was bringing in a data warehouse application that ran on DB2 LUW. As you stated, the problem solving skills and the discipline are pretty much the same across the major RDBMSs. I'll admit that for the longest time I thought Oracle was better. I suppose that is because that was my "comfort zone" since that is where I started. But after I became more familiar with DB2 (which did not take long), I found that I preferred it over Oracle. The LOAD utility is head and shoulders above anything that Oracle had to offer for inputting large amounts of data in a short period of time.

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