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Guest post in the Atlantic: The CMO/CIO Power Team

I was thrilled to be asked to author a guest post on the Atlantic for IBM's sponsored content section on "Power in Data."  

My post,
which went live yesterday, is on the importance of fostering a culture of collaboration between the CMO and CIO.  In it I reference some of the findings from the recent Global CMO study and State of Marketing 2012 study, and extend them out to the implications for the kind of culture that needs to be cultivated inside of the organization in order to have a successful externally-facing marketing organization.

There is certainly no shortage of data these days, but finding the right data, analyzing it, getting it into the right hands, and ensuring that systems are set up to provide the round-trip loop from customer to marketing and back again, across all forms of engagement, is a challenge that many companies have yet to overcome. (In IBM's State of Marketing 2012 survey, 58% of respondents said they believe existing systems are too disparate to integrate different channels.)

Just as the current marketing environment is driving a culture of customer centricity and personalized interaction, a cultural shift is required inside the organization as well.

If you haven't been to the site yet, I'd highly suggest giving it a look.  There are a number of other blog posts and infographics like the one below.

Image:Guest post in the Atlantic:  The CMO/CIO Power Team
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