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Going to IDUG 2008 Europe? Take your camera and enter the photo contest

If you're going to the IDUG 2008 Europe conference in a few weeks, make sure to bring your camera or pull out your mobile phone and snap some pictures during the conference.  

IDUG is organizing a photo contest for the best pictures from the event.  

I found out about it from one of the DB2-related Facebook groups, but in case you haven't seen the introductory note on it, I'm reposting it here in its entirety.  

I've been talking to Cuneyt about posting the pictures online once the contest is done, so keep your eyes out for them.  (Of course, there's nothing stopping you from posting the pictures yourself to Flickr or elsewhere as the conference takes place.  And I'd suggest using a tag of IDUG2008EUROPE to make them easy to find.)

I won't be there myself, so can't wait to see the pictures!

Dear IDUG Attendee,

We have organized a photo contest for IDUG 2008 Europe, Warsaw.

This activity will be an on-site competition among you. We encourage you to bring your camera or use your mobile phone with camera and take shots during the conference.

The theme of your pictures should be "Happy Birthday DB2!", "Networking at IDUG", or "IDUG & DB2 Memories".

Please find a conference attendee or group of attendees from a company/country other than your own; take pictures showing your fellow attendees celebrating DB2's birthday or networking during the conference and get a statement or short story about their IDUG or DB2 experience.

We'll collect the pictures and stories/quotes during the conference in Warsaw. Since DB2 Birthday Party takes place on Wednesday evening, the submission deadline will be Thursday at 9:00.

Please reduce the size of your photos to maximum 200 KB and send them to

Alternatively, you can find me or Maja Markotic during the conference, and we'll help you to download the photos to our laptops.

We'll announce the winner during the Closing Session and have some nice surprises - such as books - for the winner; please note that you must be present to claim your prize.

Photographs will be uploaded to IDUG web site and many social networks such as "Happy Birthday DB2" and other facebook groups about DB2 for you to see after the conference.

Enjoy the conference!

Cuneyt Goksu
IDUG 2008 Europe
Conference Planning Committee