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Getting back to blogging

OK, I've fallen off the blogging wagon again.  I'll try to get on.  Things have been busy at work and at home, and between them the time to blog has lost out.

So, let's begin with what's been going on from the personal side...

Congratulations to Doctor Melissa Gartenberg on her graduation!
Congratulations to Melissa and Dan on their engagement (woohoo)!
Congratulations to Jacob for graduating pre-school (*sniff*)
Congratulations to Noah for, well, going overnight from 'baby talk' to fully enunciated words (*double sniff*)

On the work side, I attended the Avaya InAAU conference, where we saw a lot of interest from companies looking to integrate Sametime with their Avaya telephony solutions.  It was good validation on our partnership and the overall importance of being able to offer Unified Communications solutions.