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Rob Novak: From zero to real-time in 7 minutes

Check out what Rob Novak's done - integrating a Sametime bot into the Collaboration University registration database so that he can get an alert from Sametime every time someone registers, and find out more information on the registrant via an IM conversation with the bot.  Total time to build out the integration?  7 minutes.  (OK, so he had a little headstart with his Content Awareness bot, but still....)

Think about how you could use a solution like this - how about a real-time alert every time a new order comes in, or (and I'm guessing it wouldn't be hard to do this) every time inventory on a part dips below a certain level?

Read all about it here.

(Oh, and if you're at all involved or interested in Sametime and haven't done so already, head on over and register for Collaboration University so Rob gets more alerts.)


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