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From Audiences to Individuals (Video)

Media and entertainment companies are facing a fundamental change in their businesses, following a shift from mass audiences to smaller audiences who are accessing and interacting with media and content in new ways.  

In the video below, Graeme Noseworthy, Strategic Messaging Director, Big Data for Marketing, Media & Entertainment, and Richard Maraschi, Global Solutions Leader, Big Data & Analytics, call out some of the new challenges these companies face, along with the ways that big data and analytics can help them succeed in this evolving environment.

Some of the lines that stood out for me:

  • "You need to incorporate ways to listen to the audience and understand what it is they want, so you can develop your content and more precisely market your content."
  • "The IBM Big Data Platform gives media and entertainment organizations the speed, scalability and simplicity required to bring these different data sources together."
  • "Great content is great content.  However, with all the control now shifting to audiences, now the ability to listen to the audience and capture what they're saying and basically personalize the experience for them, and put program bundles together that really resonate with them, is what's going to differentiate traditional media companies from new media companies."

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