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Free predictive analytics seminars - cities and dates

If you're interested in learning more about predictive analytics (or are already using SPSS and want in-depth information), there's a free event series kicking off next week that you should take a look at.  The roadshow will be visiting 7 major US and Canadian cities over the next 30 days, and will offer tracks for those new to predictive analytics or IBM SPSS, those already using SPSS, and those using Cognos software who may be interested in learning more about the value that can be added by incorporating predictive analytics.

Please visit to register for this free event and for additional details.


  • August 19 - Los Angeles
  • August 24 - New York
  • August 25 - Cincinnati
  • August 26 - Toronto
  • Seotember 2 - Atlanta
  • September 8 - Washington DC
  • September 15 - Indianapolis

About the Event
Predictive Perspectives are exclusive free seminars that offer an inside look at how predictive analytics can help your organization. Whether you are new to the subject or an experienced practitioner, you’ll gain valuable information on the latest predictive analytics technologies, success stories, strategies and best practices. You must register to reserve your space at these free seminars.

Predictive Perspectives offers a variety of tracks and sessions to help you gain bigger returns and better results.

Track 1 - The Predictive Analytics Overview Track is perfect for those who are new to predictive analytics or to IBM SPSS products.

Track 2 - The Technology Deep Dive Track offers in-depth information for current users of IBM SPSS predictive analytics software.

Track 3 - The Business Intelligence and Performance Management Overview Track shows how to add value to your IBM Cognos software by incorporating predictive analytics

For more information, please visit