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Free Gift

Here at IBM, we've got a "Thanks! Award" program that can be used to show your appreciation to a colleague that's gone out of their way to help you out on something.  It's a fun little program.  Basically, you open you inbox one day and there's a notification that someone's given you a Thanks! award, and you can go to a website and pick from a selection of IBM logo'd merchandise (bags, office or electronic equipment, clothing... that sort of thing).  The value of the gifts aren't that high (I'd say they average around $25), but it brings a smile to your face to know that someone appreciated your work, and it's a nice little surprise and thank you.

Being on the giving end of a Thanks! award is also nice.  I like knowing that I can do something that doesn't take much time on my part, doesn't cost me or my department any money,and that will make someone else feel good about the extra "above and beyond" work that they do.

While this specific program is only internal to IBM, there is a way that you can say thank you and show your appreciation to someone in the Data Management* community, to give them a free gift.  It won't take much time on your part, doesn't cost you or your company any money,and will make someone else feel very good about the extra "above and beyond" work that they do.

All you have to do is nominate them to be a Data Champion.

That's it.

Just send us a little information about the person, the contribution they've made to the community, and the difference they've made in your life and work, and give them that free gift.  I guarantee they'll feel good about it, and know what?  So will you.

The deadline to submit nominations for this year's Data Champions is this Friday.  If you haven't already submitted information on your champion, please take a few minutes and do so today.


* And for my Lotus friends, I'm sorry we aren't able to extend this program outside of the Data Management community at this time, but if you think this would be worthwhile to do for Lotus - or elsewhere in IBM - please do reach out to your contacts at IBM and have them get in touch with Amit Patel/Cupertino for more details.