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Forrester Names IBM Leader in Enterprise IM Wave

ForresterIM.jpg I think I may have missed blogging about this when it first came out:  Forrester has named IBM as a leader in The Forrester Wave for Enterprise Instant Messaging.

You can download the full report from the Cool Stuff page on the new site.

Being a good corporate citizen, I can't include any screengrabs from the report, but would highly encourage you to go take a look for yourselves, including at the summary wave diagram.

Lotus Sametime received perfect "5"s in a number of categories, and was called out by Forrester for the ability to integrate line-of-business functionality into the application platform, the APIs to presence-enable line-of-business applications, multiple implementations over 350,000 users, and our extensive voice and video support through partnerships with network and conferencing vendors.  

Link:  Forrester Wave:  Enterprise IM