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Following Lotusphere from Afar

I have to say, it's weird following Lotusphere from afar, especially after three consecutive years where Lotusphere meant things like late-night prep sessions, Saturday afternoon calls from legal, and responding to frantic IM's while trying to walk through the Yacht and Beach during BDD day.

I want to say a personal thank you to Carl Tyler and Chris Miller for their live note-taking (and streaming) of the OGS, and to the countless population posting live blogs and daily updates over on  While nothing can replace being there in person, this sure makes is a very close next best thing, and it's been great to read about the excitement, the announcements, and reactions to everything being shared at the event.

It was great hearing about the launch of LotusLive and all of the updates coming to Sametime, Connections, Quickr and of course Notes.  I can't wait to learn more about them in the coming days and weeks.

(All of that said, though, if there was any doubt that home is where I should be... on Friday our 4 month old came down with his first ear infection and cold, on Sunday my wife came down with a fever, and today is bringing 2-4" of snow (which, since we're in North Carolina, is 2-4" more snow than our infrastructure is prepared to handle.)  It's also a little weird to be reading about all the social goings-on down there by the Boardwalk, as I'm going to be heading down to Disney in a few weeks for a family vacation, and staying at the Y&B.  I'm working hard to start picturing myself down there just to have fun, and not to work :)