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Follow up on Lotus Sametime 8 hotfix

I wanted to post one more follow up on the topic of the recent Lotus Sametime 8 hotfix.  

Michael Alexander, the Sametime Quality Champion, has posted a detailed response over on the Notes from Lotus Support blog, but since I don't know if people are going to be checking back in there for comments, I didn't think he'd mind if I reposted it in its entirety here, as well:

As readers of this blog may have seen, there have been various other postings (from Chris Whisonant, Carl Tyler, and Volker Weber) that present valid questions about the timing and content of these fixes which have been addressed via updates to the technote 1289862 and Adam's blog.

As the Sametime Quality Champion, I also want to express that IBM feels strongly that the Sametime 8.0 product is the best version of Sametime we've ever released. These two problems which were found are in edge cases, but it is our intent to provide the most robust solutions possible in the most timely way possible. So in order to keep those commitments, the decision to post fixes before any customer experienced problems was an easy one.

Going forward my first and largest take-away from this experience is to confirm that we provide enough detail concerning bug fixes. This applies to all fixes, not just these two of course. While this is always the intent sometimes it does not get the attention it deserves.

Lastly, to Chris' comment on "how is a customer supposed to know that there is a hotfix available" - we continue to work on that. The blog is a first step. We talked about inclusion in the Sametime 8.0 Information Center however, as you probably can see it is not there currently. We appreciate the feedback requesting a subscribe feature for Fix Central and while I do not have an ETA currently, that is also a feature we want to implement.

If there are questions on these fixes or other comments about the quality of Sametime or any of the Lotus products, please feel free to contact me at and I will work to resolve them.