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First news from VoiceCon: VBrick streaming video integration

Expect to see a fair number of announcements coming out of VoiceCon this week.

It looks like VBrick is first up, announcing a plugin that lets you view live or on-demand streaming digital video from within Lotus Sametime.  (I particularly like the last piece mentioned here - the administrator can push/force live video to pop-up on a user's desktop - think emergency broadcast situations.):

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VBrick Systems, Inc., a world leader in digital video appliances and solutions, today introduced VBrick Video Plug-in for Lotus Sametime, the first product that streams live broadcasts and on-demand digital video content within the IBM Lotus Sametime environment. The VBrick product expands unified communications for Lotus Sametime by providing users with a single point of access to digital video broadcast content and stored programming throughout a global organization.

The VBrick Video Plug-in for Lotus Sametime centralizes live and stored digital content from multiple sources into a single, enterprise-wide program listing that Lotus Sametime users can access quickly and easily. Now, for example, brokers can watch breaking financial market news from MSNBC or quickly view compliance training videos or recent CEO presentations from an organization's digital video library.

VBrick removes complexity by enabling users to view multiple videos simultaneously and also supports multiple video formats - MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and Windows Media. Importantly, the VBrick Video Plug-in also provides a Priority Alert/Emergency Broadcast capability that pops-up live video on Lotus Sametime desktops under the control of an administrator.

Link:  VBrick Delivers Industry's First Live Broadcast and On-Demand Video Capabilities for IBM Lotus Sametime