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Fighting Crime with Analytics

"It's the most exciting change that's happened in the past 21 years for law enforcement."  -- Tony Landato, Sgt, Mesa Police Department

The Mesa Arizona Police Department has made great strides in reducing crime rates.  As you can see first-hand in the video above, they are using the IBM i2 COPLINK system to put data into the hands of officers on the street and analysts at headquarters.

Over on the Smarter Planet blog ('Bringing Big Data to Bear on Crime'), Robert Griffin, Vice President, Industry Solutions, IBM, shares some of the other successes that COPLINK has had.

Easing and speeding information sharing across jurisdictions continues to be a key focal point for agencies across the U.S. and around the globe. One such tool used by thousands of jurisdictions is IBM i2 COPLINK. This lead generation tool quickly analyzes seemingly unrelated data from sources residing across multiple jurisdictions, to help law enforcement agencies create integrated solutions.

The COPLINK system helped the Mesa, Ariz., Police Department reduce crime rates by 25 percent.... IBM i2 analytics technology helped the Durham, N.C., Police Department reduce the amount of violent crime in a two square mile region of the city by more than 50 percent during a four-year span from 2007-2011. How? Based on historical data, they created an intelligent database, where they could access and visualize data that showed relationships across people, places and other entities.

If you are interested in learning more about how COPLINK can help your community, you can request more information here.