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eWeek Review: IBM retools Sametime

eWeek published a very positive review of Sametime 7.5 today.  Overall they rated Sametime as Excellent in 3 of 5 categories.

Full review here  
Summary and rating here   (Note:  their link to the Sametime homepage is broken - it should be

Some of the highlights:

  • "When it comes to pulling together real-time collaboration, the Sametime Connect client does an excellent job."
  • "We also liked Sametime Connect's VoIP capabilities.  During tests, performance was comparable with that of other VoIP solutions, including Skype."
  • "IBM has done a good job of retooling the Lotus Sametime platform with a number of new features that make it easier for users to participate in voice-and text-based communications. Further, by rewriting the client on the Eclipse framework, IBM has made the Sametime Connect client more extensible for third-party developers."
  • "Sametime isn't unique in integrating Web conferencing with collaborative applications.  For example, Central Desktop's namesake wiki platform and WebEx Communications WebOffice (formerly include Web conferencing capabilities.  However, Sametime does a better job than these applications at making the integration seamless, thanks to the Sametime Connect IM client".
  • "Web conferencing with the Sametime 7.5 platform is a pretty straightforward affair. The user experience is well organized.....  A big improvement with this release is in connecting to a Web conference and reconnecting if disconnected."

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(Udate:  Links to online article added above.)