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eWeek: IBM Business Analytics: 20 Ways Big Blue Rules

eWeek has posted a slideshow titled "IBM Business Analytics: 20 Ways Big Blue Rules."  Head on over to the site for highlights of IBM's innovation, capabilities, and the successes organizations are seeing with our solutions.

IBM has become a major proponent of business analytics. The emergence of smarter systems that are interconnected and streaming real-time information is presenting enterprises with a unique opportunity to transform decision making. New opportunities to use this data to predict business outcomes, optimize old systems and spot trends before they happen have become a reality. Overall, IBM views analytics as a strategic directive for the company, coming from its top management. The company's strategy includes a team of 5,000 consultants and a network of analytics solution centers, and it is backed by an overall investment of more than $11 billion in acquisitions in the last five years. This slide show shows 20 ways IBM is pushing the analytics envelope, including several industry-specific and customer examples.