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eBook on New Intelligence

If you're not a subscriber to IBM Data Management Magazine, you might have missed this one.  We recently published a brief eBook on New Intelligence.  It provides a good high level overview of the value that can be captured through New Intelligence, along with company case studies and best practices.  

eBook screenshotPathways to New Intelligence: Making Smarter use of Enterprise Information

Data continues to grow at a phenomenal rate and CIOs are challenged to make better decisions faster. A survey finds that 1 in 3 executives have made major decisions with incomplete information, or information that cannot be trusted. The competitive tips and strategies in this eBook will show you how to:
  • Gain actionable insight
  • Proactively identify and address opportunities and threats in real time
  • Engage the entire value chain and act on information from a multitude of resources
  • Create Value Faster
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(And if you don't subscribe to IBM Data Management Magazine, you can go request to do so here.)