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Don’t miss the Sametime Client Integration Guide webcase

I wanted to be sure everyone was aware of a webcast scheduled for this Thursday.  Dan Kehn will be covering all the details on the Sametime Client Integration Guide.  If you've been thinking about writing plugins for Sametime 7.5 (or getting a jumpstart on developing extensions for the "Hannover"), I'd highly recommend the webcast.

Webcast: Using the Sametime Client Integration Guide for Customization and Plugin Development

The Sametime Client Integration Guide contains all the secrets on building plug-ins, branding your Sametime client, and otherwise putting the Eclipse development environment to work. This Software Development Platform webcast will include an overview of the Sametime 7.5 client programming model, tips and tricks for developing plug-ins for Sametime 7.5, branding Sametime with your custom touches, what you need to know to get started with the Eclipse plug-in framework and the IDE (get an early look if you're thinking of developing for the Hannover release of Lotus Notes).

Register here: