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DeveloperWorks Article: Designing a Google Maps plug-in for IBM Lotus Sametime Connect V7.5

A new Sametime 7.5 article has been posted to DeveloperWorks: Designing a Google Maps plug-in for IBM Lotus Sametime Connect V7.5

In this article, we further our study of extending the Lotus Sametime client through plug-ins. We also shed light on the concept of Eclipse preferences. To make our study intriguing, we thought we'd show you how you can build a plug-in that interacts with Google Maps....

In this article, you leverage the offerings of Google Maps within a Lotus Sametime client plug-in, the Locate Partner plug-in. The plug-in lets you get door-to-door directions from your location to the location of your Sametime partners. You can also get a map of the location of a Sametime partner. Figure 1 shows a screenshot of the Locate Partner plug-in. When you look up directions or a map of a Sametime partner using the plug-in, a browser window opens. The browser is pointed to the appropriate Google Maps URL, which shows the Sametime user either the directions or map he or she is interested in.

This is a slightly different implementation than we showed at Lotusphere (for example, it's not tied into Sametime's location setting), but is definitely a very cool demonstration of the extensibility of Sametime 7.5 and the underlying Eclipse architecture.

Also, in case you missed it, here is the previous article by this team:  Extending the Lotus Sametime client with an LDAP directory lookup plug-in.