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DB2 on Mac

As Antonio Cangiano describes in a lot more detail, as of today you can now download a free version of DB2 Express-C for Mac OS X.

Likewise, the idea of having a DB2 version for Mac was unthinkable up to a few years ago. Yet today we finally have a copy of DB2 Express-C for Mac OS X that’s available for download. Aside from this being an acknowledgment of the growing importance of Mac as a development and business platform, I feel it underlines IBM’s ability to change. The desire that a few of us mac addicts had, coupled with reasonable pressure from the community, was sufficient enough to make DB2 on Mac a reality. This matters and appeals to both the developer and the technical evangelist in me.

Please head on over to Antonio's blog for all of the detail and more background on this milestone, and get your copy here.