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DB2 On Campus program

I've spent a lot of this week so far talking with my new coworkers, understanding what everyone is doing, where they all fit in, and what I can do to help.

One of the people I spoke with is Raul Chong, who graciously spoke to me from late evening in China (I think it was China), where he's about to kick off a tour of the ASEAN countries as part of the DB2 On Campus program.

Last year Raul spoke to over 10,000 students as part of the program, and it looks like this year's schedule has him even busier.  (You can see the full 2008 schedule on the DB2 on Campus Facebook page.)

And, should you not happen to be at one of his destinations, you can see recorded videos (24 of them).

Here's an overview of the program from Raul himself:

Find more videos like this on ChannelDB2

Also, if you are a student that is interested in DB2, head on over and learn how to become involved in the DB2 Student Ambassador program.