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DB2 Community Resources

IDUG recently posted links to their Facebook and LinkedIn presence.  There are actually many more places to collaborate with IDUG and other DB2 practitioners and users online, and I've pulled together a list of all the sites and groups that I know of.

If there are any DB2 resources that you know of that I haven't included, please leave a comment and I'll add them in.  (And I'll look to publish a similar list for Informix shortly.)

Follow and Participate with the DB2 Community

Channel DB2  
View over 150 videos (including DB2 practitioner and customer testimonials, IBM executive interviews, educational presentations, and more), join regional and product-specific interest groups, and collaborate with over 1000 other members.

Planet DB2
Stay up to date on current events and opinions related to DB2 from this aggregator of 50 DB2-related blogs

Join DB2 on Facebook:
·        The International DB2 User Group (IDUG) Facebook Group
·        Experience IDUG
·        The Face of DB2 DBAs Facebook Group
·        Happy Birthday DB2! Facebook Group
·        Search for XML Superstar Facebook Group
·        DB2 on Campus Facebook Group
·        SAP on DB2 for z/OS Facebook Group
·        IBM DB2 Product Fan Page

Follow DB2 on LinkedIn:
·        IDUG: The World Wide DB2 User Community
·        IDUG Europe 2009
·        Search for the XML Superstar
·        DB2 Professionals
·        DB2 UDB DBA
·        DB2-SAP
·        IBM DB2 pureXML Network
·        DB2 for z/OS

Participate on Orkut
·        IBM DB2

Collaborate on discussion forums and ListServs
·        DB2-L ListServ
·        DB2 Express-C Forum
·        DB2 9 Forum

IBM developerWorks Resources
·        DB2 on developerWorks
·        DBA Central on developerWorks

Watch DB2 on YouTube
·        DB2 on YouTube

Community sites and forums for related products

Information on Demand
·        Information on Demand Facebook Group
·        Information on Demand YouTube Channel

·        IBM Optim Facebook Group

Data Studio
·        Data Studio developerWorks Forum
·        Data Studio community space

InfoSphere Warehouse
·        IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Facebook Page

IBM Data Champion Program
·        Data Champion community space