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Connecting the dots in healthcare: IBM and Premier healthcare alliance to integrate data

IBM announced last Thursday (IBM and the Premier Healthcare Alliance to Integrate Nation's Healthcare...) plans in conjunction with the Premier healthcare alliance to improve healthcare outcomes by integrating data across up to 2,400 health systems, hospitals, physicians and over a million patients in the US.

Today, the data needed to improve clinical outcomes, reduce waste and allow for new methods of delivering care are stored across many different formats and in multiple locations.
The integration, which will leverage solutions from across IBM, including Information Management (the IBM Smart Analytics System with DB2 data warehouse),  Lotus (common user experience and collaboration), WebSphere (Healthcare ESB and business rules management), Tivoli (security and service management) and Rational (app dev).  The solution is built on the IBM Health Integration Framework, and will run on IBM POWER7 technology.

Participants in Premier's Accountable Care Implementation Collaborative will be the first to leverage the model to exchange data. The collaborative is currently composed of 25 health systems with more than 90 hospitals and 5,000 physicians providing care for 1.4 million patients across 19 states. Premier will begin to offer these capabilities to its more than 2,400 member hospitals and 70,000-plus other care sites starting in spring 2011.

In the press release, Premier's president and CEO speaks to the importance of this initiative:

"For the first time, all members in the healthcare system will be able to easily access data that is consistent and unified to help reduce preventable harm and waste," said Susan DeVore, president and CEO of Premier. "This has been the missing link in helping move the mark on evidence-based medicine by using new insight to transform the quality and cost-effectiveness of care. It's a win-win-win for providers, patients and payors – care is more effective, people are happier and spend less time in care settings, and excess costs are reduced."  

 IBM and the Premier Healthcare Alliance to Integrate Nation's Healthcare...