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Congratulations to this year’s Lotus Awards Winners

I'd like to congratulate all the winners (and finalists) for the 2007 Lotus Awards, and to comment in particular on a few of the solutions cirectly related to Sametime.

This year marked the inaugural "Best IBM Lotus Sametime Collaboration Extension" category.  The award was created to highlight solutions that extend Sametime through its plugin architecture, and I have to say the entrants were very impressive, coming in from all over the world and spanning a variety of different ways that Sametime can be extended.

The Lotus Award for the category went to Imixs Software Solutions Gmbh.  Imixs developed a plugin for Sametime that not only surfaces information from a Domino (or other) workflow application, but allows you to take action - to create, delegate, or others act on an item - directly inside of Sametime.  In addition to the details on their home page, they have a tutorial that walks through an example that's well worth checking out.  Here are some sample screenshots to give you a flavor of what it provides:

Clicking the "Start a new process" icon (top right) will bring you to a view that looks like this:

Choosing "Open Issue Management" will bring up a form in your Sametime window that can be filled in with the relevant information, delegated to an individual, etc.

That work item will now appear back in the Connect client when you select the person responsible for that action item.

I was doing a customer briefing the other week and they mentioned in passing that they were very heavy users of Domino Workflow, and how much it had changed how they work - far beyond what they had expected when rolling it out. On hearing this, I brought up the imixs website and showed them some of the screenshots, and they immediately grabbed their pens to take down the contact information.  If you're using workflow today, this is definitely one you should check out.

The two finalists in the cateogry - Iscoord and Radvision - also have excellent solutions that highlight Sametime's role as a platform for Unified Communications and Collaboration.  I've written about Iscoord's soft phone and telephony integration before - see here and here for more details.  We demonstrated Radvision's video integration at the Sametime 7.5 launch event, and you can find more information on their solution (including a demo) here.

I also wanted to congratulate Instant Technologies on winning in the "Best Tool/Utility Solution" category for Instant Queue Manager.  If you are thinking about how to offer live chat help through an external website or for internal help desk or other functions, take a look at what Instant Queue Manager has to offer.

Instant Queue Manager.jpg