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Congratulations to the Notes/Domino Team

My heartfelt congratulations (and thanks) to the Notes/Domino team on the release of Lotus Notes and Domino 8.  And I mean team broadly - I know how many people are involved at every level with getting a product like this out the door.   And I'll extend that out to all of the thousands and thousands of you who tested and provided feedback along the way.

As someone who's been using been using Lotus Notes since 1993 or so (I couldn't tell you which version - it was long before joining IBM/Lotus and so also before I paid attention to things like that), and as someone who has been using Notes 8 since the early beta days, I can say both how far things have come and how great they look going forward.  (I even ran Notes inside of the Workplace Managed Client for a while, back when "Hannover" was just another city in Germany, but that's another story.)  It's been exciting to see the continuous improvements made during the course of the beta cycle, to the point where when I got a new PC a few months back, I didn't even bother installing Notes 7 on it.

I've got a draft in my blog db of the "Top 10" ways that Notes 8 has changed the way I work, and I will try to get that posted soon.  But in the mean time, congratulations again on this great milestone.