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Cognos 10 Launch (Business Analytics Keynote)

I really enjoyed the feeling of excitement in the Business Analytics keynote yesterday (which focused on the Cognos 10 launch) - you could tell that the audience was excited about the announcements being made, and it was great to see the applause as new features were rolled out and demonstrated.

Below are my notes from the session (It's only the 2nd day and I've already fallen way behind in my blogging, so my apologies for the rough nature of this post).   Key updates including the inclusion of Lotus Connections at no cost with Cognos 10, offline support, mobile support (iPad, iPhone), embedded SPSS statistics reports, Cloud deployment, performance improvements (up to 80%), and many, many advances and enhancements in end user functionality.

Rob Ashe - opening remarks:
We're all evangelists in our companies to drive business analytics.
Represents broad leadership position we take in marketplace, all focused on driving business outcomes.  Unparalleled set of solutions, broadest platform available today.
Significant move forward in BI marketplace, working on it for 6 years.  

"Intelligence Unleashed" - Focused on eliminating boundaries that keep you from gaining insight and sharing information.  The intelligence that you have, that's in your organiztion, that needs to be uncovered.  Didn't want to constrain people by what studio are in or what data are looking at.

Freedom to Think... Connect with Others... and simply do.

Don't think of it as a studio, think of it as a workspace... all from simplest report distribution (maybe a dashboard) all the way up to complex capabilities might want to make available to users.

Not about individual insights, it's about group and organizational insights.  Want to be able to get this done and out to people in whatever environment might want to consume it.

Freedom to Think

  • Unified workspace
  • All time horizons
  • Progressive interaction - as user wants to get more sophisticated, do more complicated things, can do that.

Demo of new BI workspace
  • Embedded 40 how-to videos in Cognos 10 (with content from Web that can be refreshed dynamically when updates are made)
  • Updated reports/graphic engine
  • Embedded SPSS statistics reports and tighter integration with SPSS in general
  • Easily work with cross-tabs - right in workspace without calling report author, and customize tables - sort, filter, remove/rearrange, do calculations
  • Bring in external data into reports
  • Building reports - Advanced mode - modeled metadata, deeper context menu.

Connect with others
  • Decision networks
  • Business context
  • Accountability

Will ship C10 with Lotus Connections in the box.  Can go right from analytics to collaboration.  Investigate who is making insights, where they are in organization.  "A huge step forward in going from insight to action."

  • Search through annotations as well as Lotus Connections results.- find the person who posted report to learn more about them, connect with them.
  • Can add annotations at cell level, not just table.
  • Start Lotus Connections Activity

...and Simply Do
  • Disconnected
  • Mobile (new iPhone, iPad)
  • Real-Time (as software, not just an appliance)

  • Active reports - deliver reports/analyses as files that users can take and use offline.  MHT files that launch into browser
  • Still interactive, with all data need included in report.  Can drill down.
  • iPad demo - author once, consume anywhere

Platform advances
  • Optimize performance - 80% faster on TM1 than Cognos 8
  • Enhance management
  • Seamless upgrade - Development team committed to ensuring this was seamless upgrade (still remembering comments from customers in going from 7 to 8)

  • Output compare tool - can compare what output looks like in Cognos 8 to Cognos 10, for where there are differences.

  • Cognos 10 Redbook - deep features and capabilities
  • Business Intelligence Strategy - written by customers on how to be successful with BI.

Customer - Boeing - Chris Hamilton, Mark McDaniel
  • Represent military side of Boeing - 6000 users.  "Have customers quoting 10:1 - for every $1 invest, get $10 back in cost savings or cost avoidance."
  • Already upgraded to Cognos 10.
  • Upgrade experience - point to old environment, new environment, and compare.  Went live week ago Saturday, users on it all week.  Seeing dramatic perf. improvements in portal, no problems with stability during the week.  Upgraded applications, users, in 6 days from putting on test server to going live.