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Case Study: Colgate-Palmolive supports continuing business growth with IBM and SAP

The recently published case study on Colgate-Palmolive's migration of their SAP environment to DB2 highlights a problem that many companies are facing today.  As more and more data was coming in, IT was spending an increasing amount of time maintaining and administering their environment, let alone the impact it was having on daily backup, disaster recovery and other processes.

Colgate-Palmolive's Vice President of Global Information Technology, Jim Capraro, summed up the decision they were facing.  “We didn’t want to go out and buy additional hardware to support data growth for no reason, so we decided that adopting a DB2 solution to help manage our storage cost was essential for us to manage our overall IT cost.”

The case study highlights a lot of the benefits that the company has seen (emphasis mine):

By implementing the latest version of IBM DB2, Colgate has achieved its business goal of cutting the cost and complexity of its SAP database management. “As soon as the solution went live, it was very clear to our employees that SAP has been optimized to run on DB2,” says Jim Capraro.

“We found through the migration that one of the key benefits of DB2 was its deep compression feature.  When we went into this project, we were expecting to achieve compression levels of around 40 percent.  What we found is that we are actually averaging around 60 percent, which greatly exceeds our target. In fact, some of our SAP databases are even compressed by over 70 percent.”

An additional benefit was that by removing the need need to buy additional processor and disk storage, the company was able to keep its IT costs stable for the two years following its implementation of SAP on DB2.

Along with DB2, Colgate-Palmolive also deployed the IBM SAN Volume Controller and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager on IBM Power7 servers and IBM System Storage, and took advantage of the services provided by IBM Business Partner Micro Strategies.

You can read the full case study here (pdf), and can learn more about how DB2 is optimized for SAP here.