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Can the IBM/Lotus Sametime Magic Strike Twice?

David DeJean has a blog post on the Computerworld site about Sametime 7.5:  Can the IBM/Lotus Sametime Magic Strike Twice?

Some highlights (emphasis mine):

  • Early comments on 7.5 are running toward the very favorable. And while Microsoft has gained some ground with its Live Communications Server it still hasn't demonstrated that it gets collaboration as well as IBM/Lotus does. It will be interesting to see if Sametime can be a winner a second time.
  • When [Rhodin] talks about Sametime two things are obvious: he really understands collaboration, and he really likes Sametime 7.5.
  • There's apparently a lot to like. There's an all-new Sametime client built on the Eclipse platform (IBM/Lotus is becoming the maestro of Eclipse: it has used Eclipse for the Workplace Rich Client, and its Eclipse-based Lotus Notes client is due next year.) 7.5 is a unified IM client: it will support AIM, Google, and Yahoo, and is an open architecture with a plug-in model.
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