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Redbook available: Building Plug-ins for Sametime

For anyone who is thinking about developing plugins for Sametime, an excellent Redbook was released last week: Extending Sametime 7.5: Building Plug-ins for Sametime

The Redbook covers everything from laying out where the extension points are to getting plugins deployed after they're built.  It also includes a number of examples that should prove helpful in developing your own plugins.  My personal favorite is the SAP lookup:




Get the redbook here.

Table of Contents
Part 1. Product overview and architecture
Chapter 1. Introduction to Sametime 7.5
Chapter 2. Overview of Lotus Sametime 7.5 architecture
Part 2. Preparing the development environment and understanding extension points
Chapter 3. Setting up the Integrated Development Environment
Chapter 4. Extension points
Part 3. Example plug-ins
Chapter 5. Introduction to building a plug-in: modifying the UI
Chapter 6. Leveraging Web services and building a calendar lookup plug-in for Sametime Connect
Chapter 7. Advanced plug-in example: The Sametime Server Statistics Plug-in
Chapter 8. Advanced plug-in example: SAP integration
Part 4. Advanced example: building a framework for structured content
Chapter 9. Introducing My Lotus Learning Education framework plug-in for Samtime Connect
Chapter 10. Building the education framework plug-in
Chapter 11. Refining and implementing the education framework plug-in for Samtime Connect
Chapter 12. Deploying plug-ins for Sametime 7.5
Appendix A. Additional material