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Build your own "Watson Jr." in your basement

A couple more post-Jeopardy Watson-related items:

Over on the Inside System Storage blog, IBM's Tony Pearson describes how you can build your own "Watson Jr." in your basement. (IBM Watson - How to build your own "Watson Jr." in your basement)

Often, when a company demonstrates new techology, these are prototypes not yet ready for commercial deployment until several years later. IBM Watson, however, was made mostly from commercially available hardware, software and information resources. As several have noted, the 1TB of data used to search for answers could fit on a single USB drive that you buy at your local computer store.

And over on Reddit, the IBM Research Team behind Watson answers the top questions posed by the site's users (IBM Watson Research Team Answers Your Questions).  The questions ranged from technology to tricky questions to strategy to whether there will be a "Watson in the Cloud."