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Bringing smarter computing to big data

90 Percent of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.

If you read the Wall Street Journal a few weeks back, you may have caught Part 2 of the IBM advertising series focusing on how smarter computing is building our Smarter Planet.

This particular ad (pdf). described the opportunities being opened up by the vast amount of data being generated today (2.5 quintillion bytes daily), opportunities that come hand in hand with the need for "smarter computing" that is tuned and optimized for the specific task, that can be managed through the cloud, and importantly, that is designed for big data.

In addition to describing the benefits that come from the capacity to understand how patterns are unfolding across complex systems, to have greater confidence in the actions we take, and to manage not only information but vast information supply chains, the advertisement cites several examples of organizations seeing these benefits today:

  • The Memphis Police Department compiles volumes of crime records from a variety of sources and systems and has reduced serious crime by more than 30%.
  • Fresh food grower Sun World International is leveraging insights from their data to cut natural resource use by 20%.
  • Research at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology is developing streaming analytics to help neonatal care hospitals. By analyzing 43 million streaming data points per patient, per day, they can improve patient outcomes by using all of the data available.

I'd encourage you to read the full ad to get a feel for the kind of promises big data and business analytics and optimization hold: Bringing smarter computing to big data (pdf).