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Boeing and Cognos: $10 of savings for every $1 spent (video)

Boeing was one of the IBM customers who told their story on stage during the IBM Cognos 10 launch keynote at the IOD/BA Forum conference last week, and I just found a great video during which several Boeing executives share why they are using Cognos, the payback they get, and the impact it's had on their business.  

The key callout for me is this quote by Chris Hamilton, Finance Data Warehouse:  For every dollar we spend we're getting back $10 worth of savings.

Other highlights in the video include:

  • "What we're finding is our military customers are challenging us as a company to do things better, smarter, cheaper, faster.  This product, Cognos... gives them that solution."
  • Data is waiting for the users - don't need to wait to run a report, can start working the moment they get to work and be productive all day long.
  • Everyone can come to one centralized place, speak same language the same way.  Want everyone to do it one way, but have ability to do it on their own.  
  • Were able to pay back investment many times over in single year - probably most rapid payback have seen on any kind of productivity initiative
  • Not usually early adopters, but expect a lot of enhancements in stability and speed.  (It wasn't mentioned in the video, but at IOD they talked about how they went from the test environment to live production in 6 days, with very positive feedback from users already.)

(And for my Lotus friends - yes, it shows the product!)