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Blogging 101 Recording

Thanks again to everyone who joined me for the Blogging 101 session last week.

If you weren't able to make it, you can download audio here (or just listen below):

I've also synched up the audio to the presentation on slideshare if you want to follow along there.  (Although I'll admit I'm having some trouble getting the audio to playback, so would be curious for your experience with it.  Is anyone getting audio when they play the presentation?)

Blogging 101 (12/04/2008)
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: media marketing)

I was very excited that the presentation was featured on the homepage of Slideshare for much of last week, and that it was picked by the Social Media group on slideshare.  Of course, seeing the company I was keeping, I was kicking myself for going with the boring old IBM template for the cover (my only concession - I didn't use the standard template for the rest of the presentation).  

No more, though.  Here's a little teaser for my next presentation - the title slide to a "Think Thursday" presentation I'll be giving this week for IBM Business Partners (more on this shortly).

Image:Blogging 101 Recording