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Blog coverage of Sametime Gateway announcement

The Sametime Gateway announcement was mentioned in a number of blogs over the past day or two.

Google Blog:  Chatting with Lotus Sametime

Today, we're excited that IBM is announcing support for XMPP with the release of Sametime 7.5. This means that Google Talk and Lotus Sametime IM users can simply invite one another to chat, bringing together enterprise and personal IM users around the world. If you use Lotus Sametime at the office and have colleagues who use Google Talk, now you can chat with them. Similarly, if you're a Google Talk business user you can now add professional contacts who use Lotus Sametime to your Friends list -- just some of the benefits of interoperability.

eWeek MicrosoftWatch:  Is Microsoft Missing the IM Interoperability Boat?

IBM's Lotus Sametime 7.5 instant messaging customers can now communicate with users of AIM and Google Talk, and will be able to do so with Yahoo Messenger in a matter of weeks.

Is Microsoft missing the boat here and doing its instant messaging customers a disservice?

Internet Marketing Monitor:  Chatting At Work Just Got Easier Thanks to IBM
If you use instant messaging at work, an announcement from IBM may be the best news you'll hear all day.  In a press released issued yesterday, IBM announced that it was joining the growing ranks of companies to embrace open IM standards by supporting XMPP protocols with its Lotus Sametime product.

Digital Inspiration:  IBM Gets Talking to Yahoo & GTalk; Is this Good News for Microsoft ?
Note:  As pointed out in the comments, the conjecture here that this might drive business to Microsoft LCS because Sametime Gateway allows you to connect to public IM is a bit nonsensical.  First off, LCS can connect to Public IM, too (for a fee), and second of all, the benefit of using the gateway is that administrators can manage who has access to those public IM networks, giving them *more* control, not less, compared to users deploying public IM clients on their own.

CIO Tech Informer:  IBM Sametime Connects with AIM, Google Talk
Voice of VoIP:  Lotus Sametime Connects to Major IMs
Bashar's Technical news Blog:  IBM On Board with XMPP Standards