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Available. Early.

IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5 is now available for download from Passport Advantage.

In case you missed that, let me say it again:


I can't link to an announcement letter, and you won't see the Sametime website updated just yet, because we're actually a little early.  (Shipping code early? Yes, you heard that right.)   Look for more on the marketing side of things and the formal announcement letter on Tuesday.

If you are active on maintenance for Sametime, go get it now.  And if you're not, well, we'd be glad to help you with that, too.  :)

There has been an enormous amount of work that has gone into architecting, designing, developing, and testing this release, in addition to all the work going on behind (and in front of) the scenes on sales, marketing, and support. I can't extend a big enough thank you to all the teams and everyone involved who has made this release possible.  

Hopefully everyone's taking a much needed break and catching their breath.  But not too much of a break.  We've got the Real-Time Collaboration Gateway, mobile clients, a Mac client, Microsoft Outlook/Office integration, and a Linux server to wrap up and ship, as well as an already long and growing list of cool new features and design elements we're looking to build.  We're going to be kicking off a worldwide launch roadshow soon - stay tuned for more details on that.  There's no standing still here.  (And did I see somewhere that Lotusphere 2007 was open?  Hmmm... let's see what we can do to top last year.)