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Attention IBMers - new internal Lotus Sametime blog

I'm going to apologize up front, but this post is just for IBMers. (For everyone else... um....  Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii? Discuss.)

I've started an internal blog on Lotus Sametime.  (I say I've started because I'm hoping to rope my fellow team members into posting, as well.)  

While, as you all can hopefully tell, I'm a big fan of posting things externally whenever possible, I've found a number of the internal blogs that are run by IBMers to be extremely valuable in my understanding of other products, best practices for describing value to customers, future roadmaps, and the like.  And that is what I plan to deliver on our internal blog, as well.

Not to mention the secret .ini setting to enable the teleportation feature. (Talk about saving on travel!)

Seriously, please head on over and bookmark or subscribe to the blog via the links below:
Blog link:
RSS Feed:

And with that, we'll now return to our regularly scheduled programming.