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Applying Social Analytics Improves Television Viewer Satisfaction

IBM issued a press release today discussing how RTL Nederland and InSites Consulting are using IBM predictive analytics software to comb through the opinions of viewers generated from social media sites or other online buzz and put that insight to work to update their shows - mid-season, even - resulting in higher viewer satisfaction.

By capturing viewer insights on certain programs from social media sources, RTL Nederland was able to gather timely feedback from viewers on the television programmes 'X Factor' and 'So You Think You Can Dance'. This helped the entertainment company to better understand audience needs and preferences and at the same time increase viewer satisfaction and involvement.

For example, RTL, which airs 'So You Think You Can Dance," changed its voting procedure in the middle of the live shows, and was able to use the increase in positive buzz as analyzed by sentiment analysis to confirm that viewers were happier with the new format.

"Collecting and analyzing feedback from our viewers from any communication channel is of great importance to RTL in order to offer programmes that are fully aligned with the target audience," said Emilie van den Berge, senior Research & Intelligence project leader at RTL Nederland.
"This approach enables RTL to evaluate and adapt its television programmes on the basis of answers it is getting without asking any questions," added Annelies Verhaeghe, senior consultant at InSites Consulting. "In contrast to interviewing, more and more people spontaneously give their opinions about brands and products on the internet. RTL for instance analyzed the sentiment of over 71,000 online conversations on 'X Factor', which provided them with a powerful tool to measure attitudes indirectly, and quickly adapt the programme to better respond to viewer needs and keep the audience more involved."

You can listen to Annelies Verhaeghe of InSites Consulting discuss how social analytics can improve viewer satisfaction here.

Link:  RTL Nederland and InSites Consulting Team with IBM to Enhance Television Viewer Satisfaction Using Social Analytics