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Another webcast: DB2 9, Security and Regulatory Compliance

Here's another webcast coming up in a few days.  IDUG is working with CA to deliver a free webcast with Phil Grainger, Sr. Principal Product Manager, CA on DB2 9, Security and Regulatory Compliance.  The event will be held this Wednesday (10/8) at 11am Eastern Daylight Time, and you can register here.

The world is changing, and for some time we haven't really been able to trust people "out there." When the mainframe was isolated, things were not too bad, but now with the prevalence of Internet-enabled applications, the mainframe is no longer secure in its bunker. This installment of the DB2 9 for z/OS webcast series sponsored by CA and IDUG looks at the enhancements primarily aimed at securing and auditing what is happening inside DB2 for z/OS. Join Phil Grainger as he looks at roles, network trusted contexts, DB2's SSL implementation and improved auditing. No longer is DB2 security alone (or even external security) enough to manage security the way that is needed.

More details can be found here.