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Announcing the Multimedia Library for Lotus Sametime

We're really excited about this....

The Multimedia Library for Sametime is an instant training solution right on the desktop. Nearly 300 short video tutorials quickly teach employees how to use Sametime to maximize productivity and save time. Yes, in a matter of minutes, anyone can learn how to add contacts and groups, share instant meetings, send files and more. With the Multimedia Library for Sametime, businesses save time and money by relying less on a help desk call centers and employees save time and money with a simple to use "no travel" training option.

The Multimedia Library for Sametime is:

  • Affordable. Only Lotus can provide this comprehensive collection of content at such attractive prices, just a few dollars per user!
  • Global language support. Support for English, French, Canadian French, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional.
  • Embedded into Lotus Notes. You can embed the clips directly into Lotus Notes with a simple plug-in or post the library on your intranet. Why not do both?
  • Ensures successful rollouts and change management. Individual clips can be "drip fed" to employees via e-mail to prepare for a product rollout or upgrade.
  • Reduces help desk expenses. Employees have the answers they need on their desktops. Help desk staff can send e-mail clips or point them to self-serve answers.
  • Easy installation. Add to your intranet or embed right into Lotus Notes. Perfect for remote users.
  • Text transcription. Each clip includes a step-by-step text transcription that can be printed for follow-up learning.
  • Simple purchasing, administration and distribution. No need to identify or track usage. One enterprise license is all you need for your entire company.
  • Consistent yet flexible. You can organize the clips into a training plan for new users or employees upgrading to the new version. We`ve even included recommended clip sequences to simulate a training class.

You can learn more here: