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Announcing Lotus Sametime Advanced

I am very pleased to report that the official announcement for Lotus Sametime Advanced came out today.  You can find it here (html) and here (pdf).  The product itself is expected to be available for download this Friday (3/28).  

You can expect me to be writing a lot more about this in the coming days (I'm still overcoming a bit of a blogging backlog).  In the mean time, the new Lotus Sametime Advanced webpage is now live, and it includes screenshots, amongst other information.  (Note:  I know the breadcrumbs are wrong - they're being fixed.)   You can also hear more about it in Episode 80 of the Taking Notes podcast.

Of course, you can try it out yourself (still beta code for now) over on the Lotus Greenhouse.

We also announced a tradeup part number from Lotus Sametime Standard to Lotus Sametime Advanced.  (And, coincidentally, we announced today a tradeup from Sametime Entry to Sametime Standard.)

Lotus Sametime Advanced:  At a Glance

IBM Lotus Sametime Advanced 8.0 software combines the capabilities of IBM Lotus Sametime Standard 8.0 with new, ground-breaking functionality for real-time community collaboration.

Key highlights include all of the capabilities of the Lotus Sametime Standard offering as well as:

  • Persistent group chat
  • Broadcast tools to search for experts and share, capture, and reuse knowledge in real time
  • Instant screen sharing
  • Geographic location services
Qualifying Lotus Sametime Standard license holders can also purchase a discounted tradeup to the full capabilities of Lotus Sametime Advanced.